Simple smartphone to smartphone messaging

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Available for iPhone, Android, even Facebook

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  • No per message cost

    TextOne uses your data plan or wireless connection.
    There is no extra cost like with SMS or MMS.

  • Image sharing & group messaging

    You can share images and send messages to groups
    who can reply to everyone, creating a simple groupchat.

  • Push notification & offline messages

    Even if you switch TextOne or your phone off,
    the messages will be kept for you on the server.

  • Extremely simple

    Open the app, write a message, close the app.
    You are done. There is no need to log in and log out.

  • Also on iPad & iPod touch

    You don't need a phone number to use TextOne,
    so you can keep your phone number private.

  • Conversation
    Chat screen
  • List of chats
    List of chats
  • Image sharing
    Image sharing
  • Great app. I love this app. I travel a lot for work, and this app makes it easy and free to text my friends when abroad and on wifi. Also love that you can have conversations with several friend together. This is a must have!!! by Sitzka
  • THE sms replacement. Really simple to use replacement for using crazy amounts of SMS messages. Reliable and even does group messaging... all without charge (excep your providers data usage) by kbateman
  • Good app. Really good app ! by Maybe-not
  • Conversation
    Chat screen
  • List of chats
    List of chats
  • Group chat
    Group chat

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What exactly is TextOne?

    TextOne is a very simple smartphone to smartphone messaging application. It is the new reference for simplicity! There is also a TextOne Pink version available, which will make a nice gift for your girlfriend. She will love it! Go to App Store

  • Is TextOne compatible with the Pink and the Android versions?

    Yes! No matter which version or device your friends have, with TextOne they can all send messages and chat in groups. You can even be contacted by email.

  • How can someone message me on TextOne using email?

    Just tell them to email you at [Your TextOne Nickname], and you will receive their message instantly. You can reply to them right away, and they will receive your text as an email.

  • Where is image sharing on TextOne for webOS?

    Image sharing in TextOne for webOS is under development and will be available soon.

Why choose TextOne?

  • It works on all the iOS and Android devices your friends have: iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, HTCs, Droids and many more
  • It is possible to send messages using email, and you can reply and chat straight inside TextOne – the other person will receive email replies Learn how
  • It has a special Pink version available Go to App Store
  • The service and the application is completely free!